Following the completion of Stage One of the Hans Heysen Heritage Appeal, the Board of the Hans Heysen Foundation invites you to join in completing Heysen’s greatest masterpiece.

Stage Two is focused on the construction of
The Heysens, a dynamic arts hub. Set in the award-winning Adelaide Hills region, The Heysens will be a tourism destination of international renown. It will showcase and celebrate the life and work of Hans and Nora Heysen, and is designed to be a place for reflection and inspiration for visitors intent on artistic, environmental, educational, cultural or historic pursuits.

The Heysens will integrate with the existing historic home, studios and gardens of the artists and, in concert, the property will speak to Hans Heysen’s most ardent philosophies of the depiction of light and beauty through art, love of the natural environment and conservation.

$16 million is required to complete Stage Two, which will include:

The construction of The Heysens, an energy efficient arts hub, inclusive of an interactive visitor centre, art galleries, a retail outlet, café and restaurant, and indoor and outdoor spaces for private and public functions, exhibitions, concerts, and other events.
The purchase of the adjoining ‘Sandow Road’ block upon which is an existing residence and where future related and carefully considered tourism opportunities may arise.
The upgrade of Heysen’s historic home to update display elements including appropriate window treatments, lighting, and other environmental regulators.
The realisation of Stage Two is an opportunity to create an immersive experience for visitors where they might view a substantial collection of Heysen’s artwork and explore the genesis of his fascination with nature while wandering through the very environment he painted. More importantly, the development will ensure the long-term viability of the historic site. To enhance this property is to ensure that a vital part of Australia’s cultural and artistic heritage endures in perpetuity and that it inspires generations of artistic pioneers and conservationists well into the future.