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The Future

The Cedars is a unique property just 20 minutes from the centre of Adelaide. The Cedars is one of the nation’s most intact, best-preserved, and significant studios and residences of an Australian artist.

The property displays some 200 of Heysen’s original works of art. The majority of Heysen’s most recognized pieces were created here, where he lived for over 50 years. The home, its contents, even the caravan and car that Heysen used to travel into the Australian outback, remain very much as he left them.

Currently, The Cedars is owned and managed by four of Heysen’s grandchildren, Peter, Chris, Robin and Tim. They have maintained the property at their own expense and since 1994 have shared it with thousands of local, national and international visitors who have come to immerse themselves in the beauty of Heysen’s works, home and history.

Their outstanding generosity in preserving this site is admirable but with the passing of time, this arrangement is rapidly becoming less viable.

To ensure The Cedars and its surrounds are maintained as a unique, historic, site the Heysen family has established the Hans Heysen Foundation Limited to maintain the property as an asset for all Australians and to preserve the collection of Heysen’s works for public viewing. The Foundation must raise the funds required to acquire these assets, to ensure that we do not lose this vital part of our nation’s cultural and artistic heritage.

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